Add Country Style Charm with Rooster Decor

Through the years, one type of decor that has stood the test of time is rooster home decor. People love this type of decor for many different reasons. Reminiscing of times long ago at grandma’s farm, or just because of the charming and welcoming feeling given to their homes, roosters are always popular. They also add intense color to your rooms and are a pleasant greeting to wake up to in the mornings!

Rooster home decor comes in a wide variety of accents. For your kitchen, the list is endless: rooster figurines, cookie jars, wall clocks and dish towels, just to name a few. If you have the type of cabinets that drop down from the ceiling, using rooster figurines here adds a huge amount of color and charm! There are also many accents available for use in the dining room such as rooster place mats, framed canvas wall art, area rugs and knick knacks for the curio cabinet.

There are many rooster accents that can be used for the living room as well. Rooster decor can be found in the brightly colored hues that are usually used in the country kitchen, but more subdued rustic colors are better suited for the living area. You will even find many wooden rooster decor items that are very intricately detailed – these are wonderful for use in country and rustic decor.

Rooster figurines are just as charming in your living area as in the kitchen. Large accents are perfect for setting at the sides of a fireplace or wood stove! Smaller items such as rooster candleholders are perfect for use on coffee tables and end tables, and add even more to the country or rustic style decor when placed on crocheted doillies. How about some richly colored rooster coasters? Add a few throw pillows decorated with roosters to the couch, and your living room will have a very down-home and relaxed feel.

We have hardly touched the surface of the various types of roosters that can be used to decorate your living room and kitchen. Spoon rests, wallpaper borders, metal roosters, the list is endless. With a little research, you will find that there are hundreds of different types of rooster decor you can use to add charm and beauty to your home. There is no better way to greet your visitors than with the bright, cheerful mood that rooster decor brings to your home!

Home Decor – Give A Unique New Look To Your Home

A good home decoration can give an entirely new look to one’s home. These days, people often employ professional home decorators to give that unique look to the interiors of their homes. Let us have a look at some of the intricacies of this emerging field.

Interior decoration is the art of decorating a room so that it becomes attractive and functions well within the existing architecture of the house. Although, the terms home decor and interior designing are often used interchangeably, they in fact show a distinct difference in their scopes. Home decor typically focuses on the appropriate selection and presentation of the house’s interior items like furniture, accessories and room layout. On the other hand, interior designing involves the manipulation of the architectural integrity of the interior space of a house.

The first professional interior decorators were probably employed in Western Europe during 1720s. William Kent is often cited as the first person who took charge of the interior decoration of an entire building. In London, the work of home decorators was earlier done by the upholsterers while the same job was done by merchand-mercier or “Merchant of Goods” in Paris during early nineteenth century.

Syrie Maugham, Dorothy Draper and Sybil Colefax are among the prominent eighteenth century interior home decorators. The two prominent London based modern interior home decorators are Lenygon and Morant. The present day home decor themes do not belong to a specific period or style. The job of interior designers have become more specialised over a period of time. The modern interior designers choose floor plans, light fixtures and wall paintings for the houses.

The goal of home decor is to provide a certain “feel” to the home. These days, many people take the services of professionally certified interior decorators (C.I.D.) to give a all new look and feel to their homes. The home decoration has become a popular television subject in the UK. Changing Rooms (BBC) and Selling Houses (Channel 4) are the two most popular home decoration programs that have widely been appreciated by the Britishers.

Turning Your Bathroom Into the Centerpiece of your Home

With today’s busy lifestyle, people are looking for house that has somewhere that they can escape the day-to-day grind and relax for a while. The latest trend is to create a spa-like environment or an ultra decorative bathroom. With the current environment of the real estate market, this is also an easy way to have your house stand out from the rest. For the higher end home builders that are looking for a centerpiece for the home, a decorative bathroom furniture vanity can not only be a unique feature of the home, but it can also be considered a work of art in some cases.

I have included a picture of one of my favorite designs from a company called Artistic Bathroom Designs that they call the Madrid Furniture Vanity. As you can see, this is no ordinary bathroom vanity… with the use of several different materials and it’s highly decorative and ornamental design, this could easily be considered a work of art.

Since the big box stores are usually the last place to catch on to new trends, you can only find decorative bathroom furniture like this at high end design studios or on the internet. If you were to walk into a designers studio, you could expect to pay anywhere from $2,000-$6,000 for a one-of-a-kind decorative bathroom furniture vanity.

The best deal I have been able to find on them, would be on the internet where you can get the same designs for $1,200-$3,000 (big difference!!). The nice thing about ordering something like this on-line is that you can have it delivered straight to your home and have it installed by your owner contractor, rather than paying the excessively high labor costs that design studios would charge. The only website that I have found that sells direct to the consumer would be the company I mentioned earlier, Artistic Bathroom Designs. They have roughly 20 different styles to choose from, and as I mentioned they will deliver your new decorative bathroom furniture vanity.

One of the biggest concerns with buying a big ticket item like this off the internet “how will they deliver it to me safely?”. I have installed one of these for a friend, so I can tell you from experience that these things are packed safely. They ship each decorative bathroom vanity in a custom built crate with padding between the crate and the vanity, and inside the vanity as well. The nice thing about these decorative vanities is that they come complete with the vanity top, sink bowls, hardware, and matching mirrors, so it makes for a complete bathroom set. So if you are in the market for a high end piece of decorative bathroom furniture, or a unique bathroom vanity that could be the centerpiece of your home, I would suggest checking out the latest trend: decorative bathroom furniture vanities.